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Main Character: Rukil the Spellthief.

Important NPCs:
  • Lortai the Paladin: Father of Rukil.
  • Sentetha the Cleric: Mother of Rukil.
  • Verdaren the Druid: Rukil’s younger brother.
  • Adynu: Rukil’s youngest brother.
  • Uldaro: Presumed Spellthief, and Rukil’s mentor in the past.
  • Quaph: A powerful if disreputable wizard slighted by Rukil in the past.


To do list:
  • Answer unanswered questions
  • Look at RPG software
  • Fill out a little info on each major NPC
  • Start a basic Timeline

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Notes on the SC wiki: Things are kind of a mess as I figure things out. NK: Please don’t delete anything significant, as I don’t believe there is any sort of history to recover stuff. Also, I have not decided whether to use wiki pages or Obsidian Portal’s NPC tracker for the important NPCs, as they are more important to the storyline than combat (for now) and seems more suited to wiki format and I don’t know how well I like the NPC tracker just yet.

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